Chair Yoga (Great for Arthritis)



Chair Yoga is designed for people who have a limited range of motion in their joints (arthritis), joint replacements, back pain or experience difficulty with balance, getting up or down off the floor, and/or are recovering from injury or illness. It is an excellent opportunity to keep strong and supple while respecting where your body is at today. Rehabilitate yourself in a calm and nurturing environment.

Yoga aids are provided. Wear comfortable clothes.

Combo mat/chair yoga is an opportunity for students to experience and explore both mat work and/ or chair in the same class!


  • Tuesday: 1.30pm to 2.30pm (therapeutic yoga)
  • Thursday: 1.30pm to 3pm (mat/chair/yoga combo)


  • Tuesday class  – $13.00 per class – $15.00 drop in (availability depending on the size of the class)
  • Thursday class – $18.00 per class – $20.00 drop in (availability depending on the size of the class)

Location: Curves Sidney

To register call Curves at  250 656 9870

For information call Sue Troughton at 250 213 9211 or email 

“I love ensemble wellness! Sue guides us through a wonderful chair yoga practice!” Susan M.

About Sue

About Sue Troughton

BPE - Bachelor of Physical Education

CPCA - Canadian Professional Counsellor Association

RCRT - Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

Details and Registration

To register contact Curves (250) 656-9870

Class Information call Sue (250) 213-9211

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All classes are being held at Curves Sidney loated at 2425 Bevan Ave in Sidney

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