Foot Reflexology

canadian reflexology chartReflexology is a science based on the principal that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to all parts of the body. Through proper stimulation of these reflexes a reflexology treatment will:


  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce tension and anxiety
  • Promote healing in all body systems
  • Help the body function normally


“Nurtured in a calm and healing environment you may even fall asleep”¬†Sue Troughton


  • First session is $140 for 2 hours
  • Follow up session is $130 for 1.5 hour
  • Senior pricing is $120 for 1.5 hour

She also offers introductory workshops in reflexology and partner reflexology.

Sue is registered and certified to write  a receipt for your private health care provider

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Please note that the chart is copyrighted by the Reflexology Association of Canada and may not be reprinted without their permission.


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About Sue

About Sue Troughton

BPE - Bachelor of Physical Education
CPCA - Canadian Professional Counsellor Association
RCRT - Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

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