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Ensemble Wellness is a personalized health, fitness and wellness practice

Sue brings 40 years of experience in the health/fitness field as a
professional teacher, professional counsellor, coach, geriatric nurse assistant,
hatha yoga instructor  and nationally registered reflexologist instructor.

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Sue Troughton of Ensemble Wellness is a treasure! I went to her to see if she could design a daily yoga routine that could fit into my busy life of
mother, business owner and volunteer. Her personal, one-on-one sessions are exactly what I need to understand how my body works, and what I can do in 30 minutes a day to “be the best I can with what I’ve got”. With each new session we advance further into the poses, incorporate breathing, and discuss my diet and lifestyle so Sue can recommend improvements. Results: I have a daily yoga routine that I can do on my own time, in my own home; I’m calmer and more centred in my body, I’m finally losing that baby weight, and most importantly, I feel like I’ve got a partner in my health and wellness who will support me when I feel discouraged. Give her a call to get a personal session so you’re ready for a great 2018! Anney Ardiel

About Sue

About Sue Troughton

BPE - Bachelor of Physical Education

CPCA - Canadian Professional Counsellor Association

RCRT - Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist

Details and Registration

To register contact Curves (250) 656-9870

Class Information call Sue (250) 213-9211

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All classes are being held at Curves Sidney loated at 2425 Bevan Ave in Sidney

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